Rutinas y vocabulario 4 años

 What´s  your name ?  My name´s ...., 
 What´s colours is it ? It´s ....., 
 How are you today? I´m fine, thank you, and you?
 Stand up,  sit down, write your name, listen to me, speak English,  jump, turn around,  yes, no.....,  Can I have...?
 Can I go to the toilet, please?
 What´s the weather like today? It´s sunny...

table, pencil, eraser, crayon,  sharpener, schoolbag, chair, book, window, school, door, red, yellow, green, blue, black, please, thank you

ball,  car, doll, balloon, teddy bear, toys,  let`s  play, my toys, tidy up, noisy- quiet.

head, shoulders, knees, toes, ears, eyes, nose, mouth,  leg,

Sunny, cloudy, 

circle, square

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